So, we used to own WorldMEGO.com and we watermarked photos with that website name and we talked about WorldMEGO things all the time.

TeamWorldMEGO was Heath Smith, Luis Felipe Lopez Portillo, Jesus Magaña and Bryan Sanders.

These days, on the TOYLOCO project which encompasses everything that was WorldMEGO, it’s a little less of everyone except Bryan and Jesus. The project is continuing the MEGO work around the world and also expanding into other Vintage Toy things we are LOCO about.

Give us a shout if you want to join the crew.

 – – I left my wallet in El Segundo. I gotsta git it. I gotsgotsta git it. – –


Four guys. A Renault 5. Some rucksacks.

And a backseat full of empty shipping boxes. That’s how this whole thing started. I bought a car in Mexico and traded it for some toys. Had to take the bus home.

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