Lili Ledy Spiderman is not just Amazing, he is Sorprendente!

¡Papitas Picantes del Sorprendente Hombre Araña! Try some. Better yet, try to eat only one. You’ll soon find that the satisfying but overwhelming flavor of one will only make you crave more. And yes, we are still talking about vintage Lili Ledy Spiderman action figures. Heh.

In previous entries, we have discussed the Type 1/Type 2/Type 3 bodysuits in which we dress up our Lili Ledy action figures. And we certainly spend a good deal of time obsessing over hunting and collecting those variations for all of the Lili Ledy characters. But when it comes to the Ledy Spiderman, we have a different dimension of bodysuit variations, much like how MEGO introduced running changes in the USA Spiderman figure during its popularity. Go ahead and grab a wet nap with that bag of Spicy Spidey Chips.

Shown here are the two known bodysuit types and three known suit variations. You can even get into the variations within the variations! It appears to us that no two Type 2 “Thin Web” bodysuits seem to have exactly the same design. Sometimes the webs are bunched together and sometimes they’re a bit looser. No real style guide seems to have been set by the production team at Lili Ledy, which certainly keeps the game alive for the Ledy hunters!

The more standard Type 3 “Conventional” bodysuit has been seen with different hourglass widths. However, the non-conventional Type 3 “Double Back” bodysuit hasn’t been seen with any MORE unique variations. Surely it’s enough of a variation on its own!

As we dream and ogle at the variations, we must recall that three different Lili Ledy factories in Mexico were responsible for production. At this time, it is still unknown whether the figure variations occurred sporadically at different factories, within all factories or within one single factory. And even though we here at WorldMEGO focus solely on the MEGOs, Lili Ledy was a busy company with a wide range of toys on its manufacturing plate. Nevertheless, what remains Eternally Wonderful for the WorldMEGOheads is that Lili Ledy was allowed some freedom with the toys, due to the rights given to them by MEGO Corporation USA. So we just embrace the toy collector’s OCD and enjoy the thrilling parallel universe of Collect ’em All.

It’s quite liberating to allow yourself to give in to the temptation.

And now we bring you . . . El Sorprendente Hombre Araña/The Amazing Spider-Man!

Type 2 bodysuit looks a bit more like the 12
Type 3 bodysuit with very MEGO-like Hourglass design.
Rear of Type 3 bodysuit.
Dry, cracking, scaly, red hands? Maybe you're not soaking in Palmolive. Ledy Spiderman is the only figure on a Type 1 Standard Lili Ledy Male Body with colored hands. Riddler has purple hands and a Fist Fighter body. Mr. Mxyzpltk has purple hands and a fat body.
MEGO Spiderman’s doctor should have noticed the dark circles under his eyes.
Ledy Spiderman’s eyes are bright and wide! Early to bed, early to rise makes one’s neck thinner, too.

Update March 2010: New Suit Variation, “Double Front”

Another Ledy Spiderman variation. Notice the spider on the front . . .
and now notice the same spider on the back!

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3 thoughts on “Lili Ledy Spiderman is not just Amazing, he is Sorprendente!

  1. Whoa!
    Trip to the brain, I’m going insane!
    How many of the ‘double fronts’ have been discovered?
    This stuff is really exciting! Who knew more mysteries had yet to be discovered and solved?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, man! — So far, just the one single lonely “double front” Lili Ledy Spiderman has shown his front(s). If anyone sees any more, please send in a photo!

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