Lili Ledy Aquaman changes with the tide

Oh, what to do with Aquaman? He seems to be the subject of much interpretation by artists and writers alike. His back story and appearance seems to change with the tide. Early Aquaman was the son of a lighthouse keeper and a water-breathing outcast from Atlantis, and he also had a clean shave and short blond hair. Later comic interpretations pursue a story of a bearded and long haired Aquaman who lost his left hand due to the evildoing of Charybdis.
Lili Ledy and MEGO based their designs on this Aquaman.
Luckily this version came years after Lili Ledy and MEGO had gone out of business.

Mexico’s Lili Ledy made their own change in Aquaman’s overall appearance.

Ledy Aquaman started with a very wonderful ribbed Type 1 all-cotton suit with heavily contrasted colors. The dark orange top and green leggings make a distinguished color splash in any collection. Like MEGO Aquaman, the bodysuit has two attached legs fins made of vinyl. Ledy Aquaman got his own very unique mustard yellow velour belt with a design cut into it to form the Aquaman “A”. The belt is sewn on a pair of groovy crushed velour black shorts. The shorts are separate from the bodysuit and can be taken off (one more item to search for). He’s finished off with a set of vinyl gloves in the same style as Ledy Batman, Robin and Capitan America, but with green color unique to Aquaman.

The more commonly found Type 2 Ledy Aquaman saw a drastic change in the run. Perhaps Lili Ledy wanted to better emulate the MEGO Aquaman and therefore changed his top to a lighter yellow-orange. Also, like Type 2 Ledy Superman and Batman, Type 2 Hombre del Agua’s shorts lost the sewn-on velour belt in favor of the coveted rubber accessory belt. Once again harkening back to MEGO, we saw the addition of an “A” sticker emblem on the belt. All cotton bodysuits were replaced with a high polyester blend. These bodysuits are decidedly “puffier” and much smoother than the earlier ribbed version. Like Type 1 bodysuits, they too have green vinyl legs fins. This version is also finished off with crushed velour slip-on shorts and green vinyl gloves.

How thankful are we these figures were created in a more innocent age? There’s nothing scarier than the thought of a long haired and bearded Mexican Aquaman. ¡Ay, caramba!

Ooooh Boy!! We never get tired of seeing box pics. Boxed Lili Ledy Super Heroes are extremely rare. Other than Mxyzptlk, which seems to be very plentiful, boxed Lili Ledy Super Heroes almost never show up at market. Some, like the boxed Lili Ledy Fist-Fighters, have never been seen at all. Once again, thanks to Luis. Your collection inspires us all.

Lili Ledy Aquaman borrowed the graphics from the standard MEGO Aquaman box. Why spoil a good thing? Oh, and please do not forget to pause and admire the vintage green twist tie and what's left of an old Mexican price tag. Anyone out there have Lili Ledy 1970's price sheets in a closet somewhere?

Wonderful Type 2 Ledy Aquaman bodysuit. This style utilizes black shorts and rubber belt with "A" sticker. While other Ledy figures underwent subtle changes in the run, Type 2 Ledy Aquaman went all out with a different color top. Green hero gloves are also correct for this version.

Many examples show up without the rubber belt and with black shorts/sewn-on velour belt (minus "A" design) instead. Most collectors think this is a switcheroo cobble job with Ledy Batman since the boxed Aquaman example sports the rubber belt and plain black shorts.
If the striking color contrasts weren't enough, Type 1 Ledy Aquaman also wears a unique velour belt with suggested "A".

Since the Type 1 bodysuits are all cotton, the green leggings sometimes fade to yellow. This characteristic is shared with his early MEGO counterpart.

Aquaman appears to share the same head as Ledy Superman and Shazam, but with differences in hair style and lack of cleft chin. (Note: Other subtle head sculpt differences also appear between Long Neck Plug and Short Neck Plug head versions.)

One not-so-subtle difference is the addition of pointed ears. Now that's an Aquaman!!

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