With some batteries, Ensueño Spiderman really moves

Turning our attention back to those wild Ensueño hero figures, it’s the Man Spider! The tall 13″ blow mold body is shared with Batman and Superman. Other than the heads and suits changing, each of the three figures received different boot styles. Spiderman got some web lines in his boots to match his head. The spider emblem on his chest is pretty sweet, and it even has eight legs. Sometimes Ledy Spiderman emblems had ten legs.

Hook this guy up to the ceiling and go wild! Take a good look at the instructions. You could likely build your own fly kit.

Bryan and one of his favorite toys having some fun.

Be sure you turn on the sound

Goodness gracious, those accessories hardly ever turn up on the marketplace.

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5 thoughts on “With some batteries, Ensueño Spiderman really moves

  1. Please help me find these. My dad was the inventor or the mechanism and VP of Ensueño back in the day. I would love to have them for my 2 boys when they get older.

    1. The inventor of the Ensueño flying mechanism! WOW! I am so flabbergasted and excited! Do you have any artifacts from those old long-gone toy factory days in Mexico? What a special treat to have you here on our blog. Thank you!

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