BASA El Hombre Nuclear . . .The Peruvian Six Million Dollar Man

In the wild and wonderful world of vintage toy collecting, a steadfast and vigilant collector could (with enough years of active hunting) end up finding even the hard-to-find figures a few times over. But nothing else in this hobby can replace the thrill of a new discovery. Certainly, each new “find” is unique in its own right, but this one really stands out.
In 2007, WorldMEGO collectors discovered that BASA, a Peruvian toy company, released an 8-inch line of DC Comics Super Heroes as contemporaries to MEGO. The BASA figures had articulated bodies, vinyl heads and cloth outfits. Their likeness to MEGO World’s Greatest Super Heroes was uncanny. With MEGO’s initial release occurring around 1973, finding their South American counterparts 34 years later was like the geek equivalent of finding the Lost Ark. Each collector waited with intense anticipation as each BASA Super Hero showed up. First there was Superman. Then, Batman showed up on the scene. Many months later, Robin decided to finally show. It was a great trio for collectors and many were anxiously waiting for more and wondering if we would ever see some original BASA packaging.
2008 came and went with no new BASA characters emerging from the cracks of the earth. 2009 and still nothing. We assumed by this time that the complete offering was already out there. It was an exciting time and we were more than satisfied to see three great WorldMEGO DC Super Heroes. Some were still hunting to complete their trio. Others even managed to find some doubles, believe it or not. There was a great sense of contentment and satisfaction.
Then something happened that none of us expected. The WorldMEGO skies parted and this picture shone down:
Wow and WOW!!!! There was a collective gasp among Mego collectors around the world. Are you freakin’ kidding me? An eight-inch MEGO-esque Six Million Dollar Man and Lex Luthor??  30+ years of MEGO collector prayers had instantaneously been answered from somewhere up and beyond the vinyl factories. It was an inspirational moment. This WorldMEGO blog probably began that day. All that is exciting about MEGO, BASA, Lili Ledy and all sorts of WorldMEGO collecting had come together with that one BASA lineup photo (sans Batman). And then, of course, once again, and with some SERIOUSLY renewed enthusiasm, the hunt was ON!!!


In early 2009, this exact specimen of BASA’s El Hombre Nuclear (The Nuclear Man) was found. Bryan recalls working on some international trades when the seller mentioned another toy he would sell. And that is what you see here. Just “another toy” — AAAAHHHH!!!! And just look at his left eye, it sure looks bionic.


It’s hard to mistake that this is a Lee Majors Six Million Dollar Man figure. The head sculpt is very unique with the signature Lee Majors eyebrow lift. Still, some have likened the sculpt to Marlon Brando. However, the HUGE picture on Nuclear Man’s shirt proves otherwise. Here’s a puzzle: Could the head sculpt first belong to the mysterious (and unlocated) Lex Luthor figure, but really as Jor-El? Marlon Brando plays Jor-El in Christopher Reeves’ “Superman.”  We think BASA released these figures near the time of that film’s release. Leave a comment with your own theories.


Like the fashions of the seventies, the bodysuit is mostly polyester. BASA Steve Austin likely developed a massive case of static cling when traveling at nuclear bionic high speed.

Make sure you have authentic BASA boots on your Hombre when you find him. Look here at our Work-In-Progress WorldMEGO Accessory Check to see a closeup of his boot. It is (so far) most often found with three ridges, though a couple with two ridges have also been spotted:

Even if you aren’t a vintage packaging collector, you will likely still get a thrill out of these original boxed shots of BASA El Hombre Nuclear. The action graphics really kick and the choice of color is a striking contrast against Steve’s red attire. At this time, there are only four known examples of this toy in his original box.

The following two video clips provide alternate views of the typical USA kid’s experience when he turned on his favorite show. There is some fantastic editing on these. Man, “El Hombre Nuclear” is so cool!


Dig those seventies melodies, Dusty Springfield really nailed the Glen Larson theme song.


It’s baffling how this eight-inch MEGO from Peru has been hidden for so long. This item appeals to so many different groups of collectors. Peru is obviously a great place to hide things. Please let us know if you have any more information. And if you ever find BASA Lex Luthor/Jor-El, then we will hand deliver a basket of freshly baked homemade blueberry muffins to your door.
Below, we hope you will enjoy reading the complete first issue of “El Hombre Nuclear,” a comic book originally produced in Colombia and sold also in Ecuador & Venezuela.

Click to enlarge the first photo of the cover and then you can navigate through from there. Go, Nuclear Man, Go!

MEGO had contracts with BASA in Peru during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Together they made four action figures: Batman, Robin, Superman and Six Million Dollar Man (known as El Hombre Nuclear). The body is different from the USA-released MEGO. It is pinker, lighter and a bit more delicate. The head sculpts are unique to Peru, as are the clothing and accessories.

This is one of the most important MEGO discoveries since MEGO’s splash on the action figure scene 40 years ago.

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9 thoughts on “BASA El Hombre Nuclear . . .The Peruvian Six Million Dollar Man

  1. Nice to know that more mego dolls are made back in the 70’s under the name BASA. Got a big collection of dolls myself and didnt know untill today the one of them was on sale on ebay for 2000$..?WOW
    Would like to know if other people have is item dolls from BASA and if your are willing to send me some pictures of them with there boxes i would like to display them on my website with ýour name and thanks for having to know about them so other collectors can know more about them.

    Best The Danish Mego Collector James

  2. Que recuerdos al haber visto la revista del Hombre Nuclear, yo las coleccionaba todas!!! Creo que las tenia hasta el numero 48 si mas no recuerdo.

    Gracias por haberme hecho retroceder unos 38 años en el tiempo.

    Saludos desde Quito – Ecuador.

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