Spiderman and Batman — Hostages no more

If there were video recordings to show you the events involving the theft of these Ensueño Spiderman and Batman heads, we would have to ask the young children to leave the room. Really! A recent find of these heads in Mexico prompted the folks here at WorldMEGO to seek out some reliable information from former members of Ensueño’s managerial and creative staff.

According to our sources, these heads were stolen by factory line workers by placing them inside of their VaJayJays. We were advised to wash the heads and our hands when receiving the goods. We also learned that there were no leftovers on the factory line because all defective or flawed heads were sent back around to the melting pot for another go around in the molds. That made sense. It wasn’t an easy endeavor for a small toy Mexican toy factory to make products with limited resources. Recycling was good business.

That perspective helped lend credence to the story that these good condition unpainted Ensueño Spiderman and Batman heads survived by hiding out in a . . . secret location.

It certainly is an unusual story that gets told every time someone asks about the pink squishy hero head on the coffee table. Seeing a bag full of them, well, that really activates the imagination. Enjoy!

. . wonder how long it took to get this many out of the factory . . .

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1 thought on “Spiderman and Batman — Hostages no more

  1. WOAH!!!!!!!! NOW THAT’S A STORY. LOL I wonder what she was planning on doing with them/ HMM?
    A friend from Mexico found a small collection of original Ledy GI Joe dogtags from a former employee who smuggled a few of them in his lunch box everyday. He used them as prizes for his son’s birthday party etc.

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