Lili Ledy Super Chicas. WorldMEGO just got a WHOLE lot prettier.

Lili Ledy Batgirl, or Batichica, is perhaps the loveliest of all female action figures. OK, so we’re biased, extremely biased. But your eyes don’t deceive you — just look at how much yummy goodness comes in one hot package. Batichica wears a one-piece polyester bodysuit adorned with premium accessories. The cape alone is a true work of art. All Lili Ledy capes are made of a thick cut vinyl with two known patterns (striated lines and “lizard skin” lines) in original materials. It’s important to note that a Ledy cape must have one matte finish side and a smooth side on reverse. The hardly-ever-found gloves are made of a similar heavy vinyl. But when you get to Batichica’s belt, you’ve got something that is quite unique. It’s based wholly on the MEGO Batgirl belt, but is made of a much more rubbery material, similar to the original Ledy male hero belts. It’s a rare treat to finally see a real Ledy Batgirl belt.

We welcome you, friends, to the world of the Lili Ledy Super Chicas from Mexico. After Ledy’s success with the Super Heroes, the lady Ledys were inevitable. Each comes with her own lovely style and charm. Please be advised they come with a warning: All of them are extremely rare and very addictive. If you lack patience and perseverance, then completing an original set is not for you.

As if Batchica weren’t enough of a treat . . .

Gentlemen do prefer blondes, so here’s lovely Super Chica #2 – – Superniña, the Mexican Supergirl. Superniña comes in a one-piece all-polyester bodysuit. She also is complete with quite a few tough-to-find accessories. First, let’s discuss her choice of belts. Like a few of her Type 1 Ledy male counterparts, she’s seen more with a yellow crushed velour belt.  On rare occasions, and we are talking blood rare, she may be seen with a braided stretch belt with an unbelievably cool metal buckle. This is a running change in the production of the character to make her more accurate. Her cape is very similar to the vinyl Ledy Superman cape in color, but it is shorter and cut angling up from the bottom edges. Superniña’s cape is sometimes seen with a “lizard skin” texture similar to the Batichica cape. Perhaps there are more cape variations to be discovered, but at this time, we have acknowledged the originality of the matte/smooth vinyl feel with either a striated or lizard pattern. (NOTE: If you find an original Lili Ledy cape with a rip in back, buy it anyhow. Bunches of them appear that way. Just be thankful you found anything!) Also worth pointing out is that all Super Chica boots are from the same mold, but in different colors. They vary from USA MEGO boots in height, as they are shorter, and that boot height difference is true for ALL Lili Ledy boots on both male and female characters.

Boxed Ledy Super Chicas are painfully rare. Only a handful exist in private collections. If anyone has pictures of Batichica or Gatubela in boxes, their usage on this website would be greatly appreciated for the legacy we are trying to preserve here. The wonderful boxed pictures that we do have are from the incredibly amazing collection of our own Luis Felipe. His collection is a real treasure and we thank him from here to eternity. The loose examples here are from the collections of Heath Smith and Bryan Sanders. . . and we thank ourselves.

Special thanks to Brian Heiler from for use of this image.

Up next . . .

We are proud to show off the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman, otherwise known in Mexico as Marvila, La Mujer Maravilla.

We think Marvila is simply Marvelous, DAHling. There is just no mistaking her for the MEGO version. From her extra long black flowing hair to her decidedly Latin looks, she is one spicy treat. You should notice that the yellow eagle imprint on her front is smaller than those of her USA MEGO counterparts. And fine purveyors of the USA MEGO Wonder Woman will recognize a similarity in the size of the stars on her shorts to the USA Large Stars variant. Marvila has the typical “Ledy Loop” for her snapset in back, as does Superniña and Batichica.

Marvila only comes with that one-piece screen printed all-polyester bodysuit. It is unknown at this time whether she came with any accessories. Pretty much every time she shows up for sale, this is what she has. It would make since that she might have boots similar to Superniña, but none have yet to turn up wearing them

Any further information is greatly appreciated and will be updated in the future.

Special thanks to Brian Heiler from for use of this image.

We really couldn’t have done any of this without Brian’s help. He started most of us on this journey-quest that we call WorldMEGO. Right on, Brian! The power of Guason is strong in you!

Last up in the Lovely Lili Ledy Lady bunch is the lone female of the Super Villains (Mr. Mxyzptlk and Penguin are also Super Pillos) — the absolutely Purrfect Lili Ledy Catwoman, otherwise known as Gatubela. The name just rolls off the tongue. Gato, Gato, Gato! She has Marvila’s hair with a fancy crop and also shares a simplicity in design. She is seen here wearing her all-polyester bodysuit with original hemlines showing the limbs sewn to the torso. Of course she wants to show you her tail, as any cat would. Take a look at her scratch-my-back pose — Gatubela knows how to walk the catwalk. (NOTE: Gatubela does not have the “Ledy Loop” at the snapset. The Lili Ledy Fist Fighters and a few other figures also lack the loop.)

Gatubela is accessorized with standard Super Chica boots in blue. Her MEGO counterpart comes with long blue gloves, but it’s unknown at this time whether Lili Ledy ever had gloves for Gatubela. It would make perfect sense, but none have shown to date. We’d love to get that update. They would likely either be extra Batman gloves or a different shade of blue using the same gloves molds as Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Batgirl.

Good luck completing this collection. It’s probably one of the most worthwhile and satisfying in all of vintage action figure collecting. Finding them requires a little “thinking outside of the box.” Yes, that’s right. You got the joke. A collector will probably never find a single one “in the box.”

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