Lili Ledy Superhero Boxes — Cracking the Code

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the post office today. I saw this dude who I recognized from down at the tianguis, and before I could decide if I wanted to say hello, he activated a de-molecular-izing sub-sonic telepathic ray gun. The effects were instant and all I can recall is that my feet left the ground, a passing breeze picked up and then I was home with three boxed Lili Ledy Super Heroes on the shelf.

Robin 750 703

It’s a true story.

So, their gloves have still not been found, but that’s no surprise to anybody who has tried to find them. I’ve seen more capes than gloves in my time. It’s just par for the course with the MEGOs from places that have a history of fewer collector circles than the USA. But you didn’t start your Ledy collection because you were looking for something easy to do. Right?

Batman 750 702

Boxes for the Lili Ledy Heroes are scarcer than their gloves, perhaps. Except for the Mr. Mxyzpltk boxed figure who showed up in a large find within the past 15 years along with CIPSA Planet of the Apes MEGO toys down in good ‘ol Mexico, land of golden muñecas y juguetes.

Superman 750 710

The three boxed figures (Batman, Robin, Superman) pictured above share a fine condition that suggests they have been together for a few decades. They are 100% Original figures and the only non-Mxy Ledy boxes I’ve seen for sale in as long as I’ve collected them. If you would like to share photos of anything that we don’t yet have pictured here, please contact us.

Mr. Mxyzpltk 900 623

The great surprise — the three latest boxes all have the original tienda stickers with numerical markings that our crack team of numerologists is busy working on understanding and placing in context of the great history of Lili Ledy in the 1970s. If you have scans of catalog pages or salesman sheets, or just want to lend your voice to this project, please drop us a line in a comment box or via email or Twitter. Thanks for caring about our quest.

Pictures of stickers available on this website read as follows (x=unreadable number):

  • Captain America “63 11 6x” (worn)
  • Spiderman “C. 63x 922” (worn)
  • Batman “C. C. 750 702”
  • Batman “C. C. xxx xxx” (torn)
  • Robin “C. C. 750 703”
  • Superman “C. C. 750 710”
  • Robin “8xx xxx” (torn)
  • Mr. Mxyzpltk “C. C. 900 623”
  • Shazam “95 11 06”
  • Aquaman “(completely worn)”

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Ed! I’d love to see some photos of the Lili Ledy Aventurero stickers. Have any handy you can email me? I’ll gladly post them side by side with the Heroes, and maybe we’ll start to find some patterns.

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