Antique Toy Show in Mexico March 2011

We flipped when these photos made their way to us. Mexico’s toy historians know how to have a good time and remain active in their field. The Antique Toy Museum of Mexico (El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México) organizes shows and exhibits to feature some of the best heritage toy collections. Last year, Luis Felipe Portillo put on display his monumental Lili Ledy GI Joe collection (Aventureros de Accion) and it always boggles the mind.

Whether inside a Banksy & quirky graffiti’d street art warehouse or outside meandering through the plaza in an open air knick-knack market, there is no doubt that Mexico is the place to be for folks who read this blog. Pack your bags!

If you ever sold me some 80s toys, they might just be right here.


I'd like my coffee table to look like this. . . .more often, that is.


I want some video of people getting this section ready. Holy Wow!


Bansky goes well with Smurfs.


Everything is better with wrestling!


You'll definitely find something for your kitchen wall here.



And that’s all for now. We will get more photographs of all the fun we are not having.

Stay tuned for news about a WorldMEGO pilgrimage to the Golden Land — México.

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