Mexico, Elastico and Chavelo

This television special aired a handful of times and served to promote the Ensueño Muñecas y Juguetes toy lines. (Does anyone do anything close to this nowadays?) Kids would participate by competing in low pressure head-to-head match-ups in how they best use the toys they had a chance to try out. All the winners took home Ensueño toys as prizes. And to top if off, Chavelo hosted the proceedings with his fun-loving brand of celebrity. He was HUUUUGE in Mexico at the time.

While there is a lot to see, from the girl dolls to 2-XL and on to MagnaDoodle and Computerized Vehicles (Batrax, Spidertrax, Corvetto Computerizado), you will likely flip your skull when you check out three Mexican Elastics: Superman, Batman and Plasticman. Two of them are in boxes and one gets a nice stretch from Ileana, who was the big winner in the talking doll competition . . . which, by the way, was really quite funny!

For now, enjoy Christmastime in April. Feliz Navidad!


Look at the wall! Boxed Elastic Superman, Batman and Hulk! Did you hear what I said?

Elastic Hulk from Mexico! Of course, there’s also a Flying Batman, too!

And if I ever find those talking dolls that are also on the wall, I’ll make some movies of me playing house.

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