Lili Ledy Riddler Box Found! (and the Guason myth grows)

Everybody has a Mr. Mxyzptlk in a Lili Ledy box, and even though the USA versions of Mxy outnumber the Mexican Mxys by at least a factor of 10, the Ledy is still considered plentiful. Boxes of any other Lili Ledy WGSH character are mind-bogglingly scarce, and some have yet to be found, or may never be found.

So it is with great pride and enthusiasm that we bring you exclusive photos of a never-before-seen Lili Ledy box for the one and only Super Pillo Peleador Acertijo, or Fist Fighting Riddler! On the back of the box flap, you can see the entire line of all six Super Pillos Peleadores. Did we say six? Yes. Six, though nobody has yet unearthed the Guason (Joker). However, this is awesome proof that Lili Ledy fully intended to produce him. The 1977 Lili Ledy catalog with photos of USA MEGOs instead of Ledys shows Joker as part of the lineup (though he does not have a model number, and the other five do). Until now, that one catalog is all we have had as evidence for a Mexican Fist Fighting Joker. So, the myth of Guason grows.

Jesus Magaña, the wonderful and friendly wrestling bounty hunter, is the Toy Collector Supreme who owns this prized piece of Mexican cardboard. Way to go, man! You are envied by everyone who sees this photo.


Just allow that to soak in for a moment. One. Known. Box. And yes, the original owner artfully cut it to make a display. But we’re not complaining. We are beyond happy with what we have to share here. This is MOMENTOUS! HISTORICAL!

Now, can everybody say “Purple Rubbery Accessory Belt?” Very good.

Check out that awesome chin-thwapping art! Con Puños de Pelea! (with Fighting Fists!) If you know the source of the art, drop us a line and we'll credit you for helping us out.

And finally a group shot which demonstrates two things: 1) the Ledy Fist Fighters are an impressive line to collect; and 2) even someone who lives in Mexico finds it really tough to complete an all original set of Super Pillos Peleadores.

I'm sure Mr. Magaña would love some help finishing his set. Send us a message if you can help him. Meanwhile, just stare and dream. And then hunt.

Spotted by toy extraordinaire, Brian Heiler, of fame, here is a comparison of USA Fist Fighter Robin art and Mexico Fist Fighter Green Arrow art:

Comic art and box art genius, “The Toyroom,” made some interesting observations after checking out this page. He wrote: “I find it interesting that Riddler is paired with Halcon, simply because there are only two villains in the lot, if we include Joker (Guason). So were all of the heroes punching Riddler or Joker? Or if Joker was never produced beyond prototype maybe they’re all punching just the Riddler?” Great question! Funny to consider!

Check out these comparisons:


Guason art is fabulous! He has a pet porcupine perched upon his shoulder. Check out the Halcon Batman switcheroo!


We sure do hope to find out what the other four (possibly five) Lili Ledy Fist Fighter boxes featured, since this one has been such a KNOCKOUT discovery.

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  1. The clock is ticking, and still no hard evidence in the year 2018. I’m afraid to say, I’m losing hope boys!!! You better give me something fast! I may end up in the funny farm waiting around too long!! wih the men in the white coats after me… not to mention the butterfly Nets

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