The Mexican Incredible Hulk Elastic Toy

We are back with another important piece of MEGO history from the Ensueño promotional television specials. Elastico Hulk! And for good measure, Elastico Plasticman! Both boxed. Both impossible to find. Both awe-inspiring.

The Superman and Batman Flyaways are certainly worth an important mention too. Man, those kids did really well that day. And as much as we enjoy the Comic Book Superheroes, if someone found boxed Ensueño Korinas and MagnaDoodles, we would do some cartwheels in celebration. So start looking!

And yes, the featured image is of an Elastico Batman by Ensueño because we are not yet blessed with an Enseuño Hulk to show off.

If you are not excited by this video, then I cannot help you!

Author: nayrbgo

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3 thoughts on “The Mexican Incredible Hulk Elastic Toy

  1. Thanks for post this amazing mementos. You are great. Someday I’ll show you a video of my own 2-XL. It’s my childood’s favorite toy. And still working!

    Thanks again, see you in next post.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and having a good time! I would LOVE to see your childhood 2-XL. Yes! Please do make a video and email me. It would be fun to post it here and start a new trend. 🙂
      On behalf of the WorldMEGO team, I look forward to sharing more with you. Kind regards.

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