Rodrigo Wins a Mexican SpiderTrax from Dos-XL

Ensueño Toys of Mexico in the 1970s brought some of the best toys for the WorldMEGO lovers to enjoy for decades. In this video clip of a promotional event starring the great Chavelo with his man-child persona, you will witness MEGO’s 2-XL Robot in Spanish, the MEGO SpiderTrax vehicle for Hombre de Araña and Rodrigo easily answer 2-XL’s question about Fernando Valenzuela. This is a really great moment for those who followed Dodgers baseball 30 years ago.

The 8-track tape in 2-XL was customized for this promotional event. Listen and you will hear 2-XL call Chavelo by name. And just listen to 2-XL sing! WOW!

The beautiful SpiderTrax shown here belongs to the Super Collector Brian Heiler of Plaidstallions, ForeignMEGO and MEGOMuseum fame. Thanks for allowing us to use these photos, man. Simply gorgeous!

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3 thoughts on “Rodrigo Wins a Mexican SpiderTrax from Dos-XL

  1. I’m not trying to be a grammar nazi or something, but that is Chabelo, not “Chavelo”, and he is very beloved around here in Mexico. Greets!

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