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Planet of the Apes. It’s pretty tough to find people who aren’t either completely obsessed with or mildly interested in the Earth takeover story. Well, MEGO knew that and so did everybody else who didn’t have any licensing rights, but did have stockrooms of plastics and fabrics.

These knockoff and bootleg MEGO figures make the heart go pitter-pat. Their dazzling audacious looks have charms unspeakable. Enjoy the copies of the copies. The folks at WorldMEGO can’t stop staring at the whacked out primates. And the terrific people of MEGOMuseum never miss an Ape.

You can find great writing about the AHI, Astro Ape, Bootleg Ledy/CIPSA and Tong figures at MEGOMuseum, MEGOLike and PlaidStallions. Send us a photo to post of your Ape parade and we’ll link arms.

Above photo (L to R): AHI, CIPSA Bootleg, Astro Ape x2, AHI, Astro Ape, CIPSA Bootleg

Choose your weapon, sir


Urko's shirt from the Mexican bootleg of CIPSA on a Lili Ledy bootleg body


Corinthian Leather at its finest. Not too many of these have surfaced.


BIG THANKS to MEGOhead, Paul Stevens for providing the next four photos. After comparing the Astro Apes with their MEGO inspirations, you can see his Astro Ape lineups. You have some fine taste there, friend!

Separated at Birth!-- courtesy of Paul Stevens
Team Ape! -- courtesy of Paul Stevens
Family Photos-- courtesy of Paul Stevens
Best shoe store ever-- courtesy of Paul Stevens

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