17 Lili Ledy MEGOs say hello and hola

With seventeen characters factory produced, an eighteenth rumored and documented in the official catalogs and original packaging, and even-more-teenth nights & days spent thinking about, I hereby declare that collecting Lili Ledy MEGO World’s Greatest SuperHeroes from Mexico has proven the most rewarding hobby experience in my fourth decade on Earth. Tracking down and packing up and snacking in between it all, I lived to tell about it. I am pleased to present a near complete gaggle gathering.

And with all that is here, still missing are a few gloves, one belt and one bodysuit variation. Before Heath or I knew we were making this website, I sold the only Type Two Batman bodysuit that either of us had encountered. Though still here is the odd Type 2.5 Batman suit. Riddler’s belt will likely take a decade to find, and I’ll probably be completely gray before I have extra gloves.

So much to say. I’ll sprinkle in some captions. Enjoy!


Some very bright Jello colors!


Momma, Momma. Never thought this could be in the same room again.


Some people knew this photograph belonged in the yearbook. Most likely to start a girl hair band.


There are times in a collector’s life when water stains are beautiful.


The gang. Yeah, they are all wondering where the heck that GUASON has run off to, but that doesn’t stop them from having Passover and Easter together.


We all wish you well in your hunt for the Mexican MEGO!


ChupaCabra? No match. Seriously.


Pinguino is my ultimate “boomerang effect” figure, since I kept buying and selling him every time I had one and only one. Each time, another one came back. Finally held on to one!


Bursting with country freshness! Though, Oliver’s chin hair is really ready for harvest in any country.


Collect the rainbow! (Diana Prince snuck a sidelong glance at my camera. Naughty cuteness!)


It’s all about Falcon, baby. Fist Fighters in Mexico are so darned cool!
Tarzan totally ruined this photo.


LOL Gatubela’s eyebrows! (That’s Catwoman en Español.)


Acertijo y Hombre de Hierro go to the same dentist. (That’s Riddler and Ironman, yo.)


Thanks for checking out the Lili Ledy MEGO Insanity! We will be updating the website over the next few months with updates and cleanups. Stay tuned.

Also, be sure to watch the @nayrbgo twitterfeed for some stupid fun with toys that doesn’t always make the final cut for the blog version of reality.

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  1. May I call you sensei? Seriously, you are like Yoda!! I’ve never stop learning ever since you had this website up and I’m glad it’s back up again!!! I’m telling you, rare Toy Lovers NOW we have a reason to be excited once again–!!! Thanks ToyLOCO

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