Lili Ledy Alter Egos — A great idea that never was

There’s no way to describe the feeling we had as we first set eyes on these Amazing Lili Ledy Alter Ego Customs from Luis Felipe. It’s so great to meet a collector who shares such a similar passion. Please enjoy these as much as we have.

Lili Ledy Peter Parker and Clark Kent.
Lili Ledy Peter Parker and Clark Kent Customs.
Lili Ledy Bruno Diaz (Bruce Wayne) and Ricardo Tapia (DickGrayson).
Lili Ledy Bruno Diaz (Bruce Wayne) and Ricardo Tapia (Dick Grayson) Customs
For comparison's sake, here you see a fine set of Alter Egos made by MEGO. The camera for Peter Parker is made by Palitoy for the Pippa doll line which was a contemporary of MEGO. It is now a well-researched fact that Peter Parker did NOT originally come with a camera. However, it is still fun to display him with a vintage one in an appropriate scale. Now just relax and enjoy the view.

USA MEGO / Mexico Lili Ledy / Mexican Alter Egos

Spiderman / Hombre Araña / Peter Parker

Superman / Supermán / Clark Kent

Batman / Batman / Bruno Diaz

Robin / Robin / Ricardo Tapia

Aquaman / Aquamán / Orin

Penguin / Pingüino / Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

Captain America / Capitán América / Steve Rogers

Shazam / Shazam / Memo Batson

Mr. Mxyzptlk / Mr. Mxyzptlk / Ben Deroy

Supergirl / Superniña / Linda Danvers

Wonder Woman / Marvila (also, Mujer Maravilla) / diana prince

Catwoman / Gatúbela / Selina Kyle

Batgirl / Batichica / Bárbara Gordon

Green Arrow / Flecha Verde / Oliverio Reina

Iron Man / Hombre de Hierro / Tony Stark

Riddler / Acertijo Eduardo (or Edward) Nigma

Falcon / Halcón / Sam Wilson

Tarzan / Tarzán / no alter ego

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  1. Hello Im Marco Aurelio, now i am sure, Luis Felipe is that mwxican lawayer i knew some years ago, perhaps he doesnt know but i made the 4 custom suits for this figures, i am glad to see it again, Iam very happy.

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